PaaS Improvements by Comindwork Project Management Software

Comindwork, online SaaS project management and collaboration software,
today officially released a number of improvements to it’s Platform as
a service set of tools for project and business process management –
the latest version of Comindwork project and knowledge management

Comindwork’s scalable, on-demand and innovative project management
solutions help companies in getting the most from project management:
projects on-time and within budget. Comindwork is available in multiple
languages so it works well for distributed multilingual international
project teams. Users can choose to use it for free, SaaS or a local
installations (running on a secure customer servers). Online project
management, collaboration and knowledge sharing system works well for
any knowledge based organization: software development Company, law
offices, service companies, construction, design, marketing companies
anywhere where where project management practices are extensively used.

The latest Comindwork release features numerous performance and feature
improvements, slowly shaping Comindwork into becoming the first PaaS
for custom business solutions.

Email Interface improvements – case email interface that allows to
create any custom task via email, also email to folder feature
performance improvements and bug fixes. Easier then ever to use
Comindwork as your helpdesk or issue tracking system

Workflow engine improvements – added calculated field support: now any
needed custom calculated fields logic can be added when constructing a
custom business process, user interface, performance and the usage
logic improvements making custom processed easier to understand and
implement in projects

Custom Project Tabs – Comindwork provides a lot of instruments for
different project management needs. If something is not used, you may
switch that on and off. Also this allows an easy way to share cross
project knowledge – just enable tabs from one project in the other one.

Customized lists Improvements – customized lists offer is a powerful to
share information quickly and use mass-operations on list items.
Dynamic list support has been added to all custom lists – now you can
add list items directly from the list view. You may define as many
custom lists for any entity, with ability to set
• Visible fields
• Sorting
• Grouping
• Filter
• Mass-operations

Site and Help – numerous updates on site content and an explicit
content regarding Comindwork help was added, as well as a number of new
video tutorials concentrating on PaaS and custom business process

Improved System Search – Comindwork search became even better due to a
number of improvements like faster incremental indexing, improved
performance and enhanced user interface.

Gantt Charts imprtovements – huge Gantt Chart performance improvements
made, now even if you have hundreds of project tasks, the Gantt Charts
will take only seconds to load and the navigation is smooth

Improved Reporting – reporting has been completely taken to the new
level, thanks to the new data visualization component used. Now reports
cover all project activities and custom reports and report templates
can be created in seconds.

"In most knowledge-based companies you have a lot of data that you need
to share between knowledge workers, collaboratively change, discuss,
analyze and store somewhere. It’s fun, but Comindwork allows all those
things in one place. The new release adds numerous improvements and
additional features to make data transformation in our system easier."
Comindwork product manager A.Postnikov explained the steps Comindwork
is taking towards becoming a PaaS platform for custom business process
solutions like document management, help desk, task manaheemnt, time
management and various collaboration systems.

Comindwork is built on latest Microsoft .NET framework, with highly
scalable architecture. Server side fits both local installations, and
SaaS/PaaS, while client side is a rich interface suitable for all
modern browsers. Moreover, lots of crucial operations may be done via


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