Murder game application for Mac OS X is launched today is pleased to announce the release of Murder,
She Wrote on its web site. The game was developed by leading casual
games developer and publisher, Legacy Interactive. Murder, She Wrote
transforms the PC into an interactive seek and find "who-dun-it"
mystery adventure with unique minigames in every scene.

Play as the lovable murder novelist Jessica Fletcher and solve each
of the five cases by carefully and methodically investigating murders
using an innovative new style of hidden object and light adventure
gameplay. First, players need to find missing keys from Jessica’s
typewriter to fill in the unknown letters in the list of hidden
objects. After the entire words are revealed, there are more secrets to
uncover as not all the hidden objects can be found by just discovering
where they lay. As every detective knows, nothing is ever as it seems!

Scour over 80 game levels with familiar characters from the show –
Jessica Fletcher, Seth Hazlitt and Sheriff Mort Metzger. Set in the
beautiful New England town of Cabot Cove and across the seas in London,
the more than 25 detailed 3-D settings may distract even the most
determined player from their investigation. Featuring 5 original cases
and over 6 hours of gameplay, Murder, She Wrote provides entertaining
twists and turns that are sure to please both long time fans of the
show and casual gamers alike.

System Requirements:
Murder, She Wrote requires an Intel Mac with Mac OS X 10.5 or later, 512 MB of RAM, and a Radeon 9000 or similar.

Pricing and Availability:
Murder, She Wrote is available immediately as a digital download
purchase through and Mac Games Arcade. A free demo is
available for download. The full version costs $19.95 (USD).


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