XCode 4111 Network Media Processor is now available

ViXS Systems Inc, a leading provider of smart network multimedia processor solutions that enable a rich video entertainment experience, announced today the introduction of XCode(R)4111 Network Media Processor. This new high performance HD transcoder/Encoder is targeted at side-loaded DLNA networked devices and enables seamless transfer of content across a wide range of Consumer Electronic devices, Digital Televisions, Blu-Ray Player/Recorders, Set-top boxes, PCs and mobile phones.

An Ethernet/WiFi connected device built around XCode(R)4111 can serve as the media center controller for the conversion and transfer of multi-format video/audio content between connected devices. The XCode(R)4111 offers seamless connection to other networked devices in the home that are Digital Living room Networked Alliance (DLNA) certified. The DTCP/IP security protocol defined in the DLNA standard provides an ability to build compelling and completely secure networked multimedia solutions.

As part of the Xtensiv(TM) software suite, ViXS will be offering fully tested software stacks for a DLNA Digital Media Server, Digital Media Client, DLNA Bridging and DTCP/IP Security. This software can be provided to XCode(R)4111 customers at the source code level allowing them customizations for their overall application needs. In addition, XCode(R) customers will not have the burden of IP license fees that are common with third party DLNA software stack providers.

XCode(R) 4111 Network Media Processor integrates Smart XCode(TM) technology which is based on sophisticated algorithms that dynamically switch between a highly efficient direct transcode and a full decode and full encode mode. By taking advantage of the Smart XCode(TM) technology, Consumer Electronics and Set-Top Box (STB) manufacturers can develop highly flexible and robust media
solutions, offering the utmost in video quality performance in their products.

The XCode(R) 4111 Network Media Processor family integrates the following features:

– Single Stream HD/SD Video Transcoding and Encoding:
– Full Decode/Full Encode Transcode mode
– Smart XCode(TM) mode
– High-speed Transcoding up to 12x faster than real-time
– Transrating: Bit-rate Reduction, Resolution Reduction and Format
Conversion on the fly
– Support for HD H.264 AVC, HD VC-1, and HD MPEG2 video formats
– Support for other common Internet Video formats:
– MPEG4 Part 2, H.263, DiVX, XViD, Real, Flash, etc.

– Support for multiple audio and video container formats including AVCHD
for video camera, 3GP and 3GPP & 3GPP2 for 3G cellular devices,
MPEG-4 Part14 for the iPhone, iPOD Touch, iPOD and PSP and other
portable device formats

– Support for multiple audio formats

– Mirror Transcoding

– Small Form Factor and Low Power Designs

– 1250 DMIPS Dedicated Application Processor

– Multiple Integrated Peripherals:
– 10/100 Ethernet, USB 2.0

– Multiple Interconnects:

– Memory:
– High Speed DDR3 Memory Interface w/Security
– NAND Flash Controller w/Secure Boot

– Fully integrated security:
– Smart Card and DVB Common Interface (DVB-CI)
– Multiple Encryption and Decryption Engines
– Digital Rights Management (DRM)/Conditional Access (CA)/
Content Protection (CP) support
– Transcryption between CA’s/CP’s/DRM’s

"The introduction of the XCode(R) 4111 family continues in the ViXS tradition of delivering silicon and complete software solution that addresses the rapidly growing market for content distribution within the home. This powerful multimedia processor IC provides the best in class when it comes to audio/video processing performance", said Sally Daub, President and CEO of ViXS Systems.

Availability & Pricing

XCode(R) 4111 is available now. Please contact ViXS Sales for pricing.


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