Yahoo! Mail connects to Facebook

Contacts Facebook can now be imported into the Address Book from Yahoo! Mail.

In December 2009, Yahoo! Announced the adoption of technology Facebook Connect which allows to provide information related to a Facebook account to other sites. The integration is expected to begin in the first half of 2010. On the blog Yahoo! Mail, it says it has become effective.

This integration is designed to allow easy import of contacts in Facebook Yahoo! Mail. In practice, simply access the address book from Yahoo! Mail (clicking on Contacts). Via Tools / Import …, an icon Facebook has emerged along with Gmail and Windows Live Hotmail. Remains to enter his user name and password for Facebook to proceed. Where appropriate, new contacts are created in the Address Book Yahoo! Mail. Duplicates are automatically avoided.

This is another tangible sign of renunciation of Yahoo! to develop its own social network, while it has a panel of social sites. Yahoo! had already signed a partnership on Web search with Facebook last year. Recently, Yahoo has approached Twitter to integrate several of its products.


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