CityGrid Complete for Local Businesses From Citysearch

Citysearch LLC, an operating business of IAC, today
unveiled CityGrid Complete: a comprehensive online advertising solution
for local businesses. CityGrid Complete gives local businesses
unprecedented reach across CityGrid’s network of 100 web and mobile
partners, complete with search engine optimization and marketing.
CityGrid Complete was made possible through a strategic partnership and
investment in OrangeSoda, a leading provider of online search marketing
services known for their expertise in search engine optimization.

The first of its kind, CityGrid Complete is the online
advertising solution that gives local businesses the ability to reach
millions of consumers monthly by building customizable content ads that
are distributed across the web. In addition to content ads, CityGrid
Complete includes SEO services designed to drive consumers from all the
major search engines directly to their own websites. CityGrid Complete
customers also receive access to an integrated web-based dashboard
allowing advertisers to actively monitor and manage their campaigns,
ensuring they receive the highest quality leads for their advertising

"Whether it’s driving new customers to our advertisers from
major search sites or mobile applications, CityGrid Complete is about
delivering local businesses the highest quality leads for the best
value," said Jay Herratti, CEO of Citysearch. "By combining the
distribution power of CityGrid with OrangeSoda’s platform, every small
business in America now has access to a one-stop local advertising
solution with SEO strategies and tactics that historically required a
large dedicated team of experts."

Investment in OrangeSoda

To build CityGrid Complete, Citysearch invested in OrangeSoda because
of their expertise in building cost effective search engine
optimization and marketing solutions designed specifically for small
businesses. Since launching in late 2006, OrangeSoda has provided search
engine optimization and marketing services to thousands of companies.
Their customers range from local small businesses to large corporations
with local outlets including International Truck, Remax and Jiffy Lube.

"Every search engine has introduced local directory listings
prominently in their organic search results and this has given small
businesses another way to get featured in the search engine results real
estate," said Jay Bean, CEO of OrangeSoda. "For over 15 years,
Citysearch has helped small businesses gain exposure on other websites,
and now they want to help small businesses gain better exposure through
organic search results. By bundling our expertise and tool set with
CityGrid, we are offering small businesses a revolutionary local online
advertising package that no other company offers."

For more information on CityGrid Complete, local businesses
can call 1-866-649-1055.


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