2-port USB 2.0 DVI KVM Switch unveiled by Aten

ATEN International, a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of
advanced communication solutions, expands its PETITE™ series by
introducing a 2-port USB 2.0 DVI KVM Switch – the CS682. This new
compact KVM switch allows users to control two USB computers from one
USB keyboard, one USB mouse and one DVI monitor. Featuring the
combination of DVI functionality, multiplatform support, and enhanced
user-friendly operations, the CS682 allows users to keep up with the
latest innovations in desktop multimedia applications.
For a tidy workplace and trouble-f

For a tidy workplace and trouble-free installation, the CS682
features a compact design and two built-in 1.2m cables. Users can
switch between the computers via hotkeys or the innovative remote port
selector. The CS682 also offers the latest mouse port-switching
function that allows users to simply double-click on the scroll wheel
of a USB mouse to change ports.

The CS682 is fully compatible with the DVI-Digital standard. It is also
equipped with Video DynaSync™ technology, which eliminates any problem
occurring during computer boot-up and helps maintain monitor settings,
thus optimizing resolution and ensuring the best image quality while
switching between ports. Furthermore, the CS682 provides great image
quality with a resolution of up to 1920 x 1200 and works seamlessly
with the increasingly popular wide-screen LCD displays.

The device is compatible with many platforms, including Windows, Mac,
Sun and Linux, as well as Windows 7. In addition, it is audio-enabled,
supporting microphones and speakers. With a full bass response, the
CS682 provides a rich sound experience for 2.1 surround sound systems.
As the KVM and audio focus can be switched independently, users can,
for example, listen to audio output on one PC while playing video games
or working with office applications on another PC.

Another user-friendly feature is power on detection, which allows the
CS682 to automatically switch to the other powered-on computer when
either is shut down. Furthermore, the CS682’s USB 2.0 mouse port can
be used for a USB hub and USB peripheral sharing, providing yet more
convenience for the desktop user.


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