LogMeIn pro 2 is now out for Mac OS X

LogMeIn Pro2 for Mac is now available, giving Macs the freedom to be accessed from virtually anywhere, using an Internet-connected web browser or Apple iPhone.

More Freedom to Be a Mac

With this newest version of LogMeIn Pro2, MacBooks, iMacs and Mac Pros can now be accessed by their users for work or play, in the office or out, from anywhere with an Internet connection. LogMeIn Pro2 for Mac is unmatched in its remote access capabilities, with secure file transfer and folder synchronization, printing from a remote Mac to a local computer over the web, on-demand desktop sharing with a remote user, and much more. Whether Mac to Mac, Windows to Mac, or iPhone to Mac, Macs can be accessed and used from virtually anywhere, regardless of the user’s location.

"LogMeIn gives us the freedom to provide excellent support to both Macs and PCs, and we’re seeing more and more customer requests for Mac-based home systems," said Jeff Tarr, president of Tarr Technology Consulting, a provider of residential technology systems. "The new features in Pro2 for Mac help us better serve clients, connect across PCs and Macs from virtually anywhere, and gives us the flexibility to recommend and install just the right solution for our customers."

Freedom Is Still Free, Just Better

Originally introduced with LogMeIn Free for Mac in 2007, the ability to remotely control Mac desktops from anywhere is still free. In addition to the new premium features of LogMeIn Pro2, LogMeIn Free for Mac now has improved navigation, providing users with quicker and easier access to remote control settings, faster performance to improve the experience as if the user were in front of their Mac, and expanded browser support, including 64-bit Safari.

"If you love your Mac, why not set it free?" said Andrew Burton, vice present, LogMeIn. "LogMeIn Pro2 for Mac gives Macs the freedom to be accessed from just about anywhere, eliminating the worry for Mac users about whether they left something behind. With the choice of LogMeIn Free for Mac or LogMeIn Pro2 for Mac, remote ‘Maccess’ is available for any budget."


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