Mobile app based solutions by Upside learning

Upside Learning has constantly strived to address the multifarious platforms in the technology space, mobile learning being one of the most important ones. The rise in the number of people using sophisticated mobile devices has only translated into a significant increase in demand for mobile applications based learning solutions. And catering to this demand is Upside Learning. With a robust support of Innovations & New Product Development group, they have successfully designed and delivered a range of applications for the iPhone and Blackberry for some of their clients; and now have started Android development too.

What makes this special is the fact that mobile devices are becoming increasingly sophisticated by the day and developing applications for these is far different from typical eLearning as is seen on desktop computers. This is because some of the new phones come with operating systems that allow for installation and removal of applications on the device – something relatively new for mobile devices.

Upside Learning is happy to share the one such application for this popular platform which is freely available at the iTunes Store. This application, though not too fancy, and made only for sharing freely is a testimony to Upside Learning’s technology acquaintance and designing capabilities.

The app – called Soccer Quiz – is a simple quiz that challenges the user’s knowledge about Soccer. Simple & entertaining, this quiz is one of the ‘easy to use’ games available on iTunes, and promises to entertain all soccer fans.

While the Soccer Quiz is a rudimentary quiz application, Upside Learning is working on more complex and, richer, and diverse applications.


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