32Mb Ultra Low Power Mobile SDRAM by ISSI

Integrated Silicon Solution, Inc. (Nasdaq:ISSI), a leader in advanced memory solutions, today introduced the newest members of their ultra low power Mobile SDRAM family, the 32Mb SDR IS42VM16200C and the IS42VM32100C organized as 2Mx16 and 1Mx32 respectively and the DDR versions, the IS43LR16200C and the IS43LR32100C. These devices provide the lowest power consumption in the industry with an operating current of 50mA, standby current in power down mode of 80uA, and deep power down mode current of 10uA.

These devices have an operating voltage of 1.8V, a maximum speed of 166Mhz and are supported in BGA package and Known Good Die (KGD) options. Both commercial and industrial temperature ranges are offered. The 32Mb SDRAM devices add to ISSI’s existing family of ultra low power Mobile SDRAMs that include 64Mb and 128Mb SDR SDRAMs, as well as 32Mb and 128Mb DDR SDRAMs. ISSI also offers a 16Mb SDR version as Known Good Die (KGD).

"ISSI’s ultra low power Mobile SDRAMs provide the designer with the right density using ultra low power technology designed to maximize performance in power sensitive applications," said Ron Kalakuntala, ISSI vice president of marketing. "We will continue to expand this product line to provide our customers with the complete ultra low power Mobile SDRAM solution."

ISSI’s ultra low power Mobile SDRAM products are ideal for applications where both high performance and low power consumption are important, including mobile applications like GPS/navigation systems, smart phones, digital cameras, EBook readers, small form factor displays, and gaming units. These devices include the following power saving features:

  —  Temperature Compensated Self Refresh (TCSR):  minimizes power
      consumption at lower temperatures.
  —  Partial Array Self Refresh (PASR): eliminates unnecessary row
  —  Deep Power Down mode (DPD):  provides a low power state when data
      retention is not required.


Samples of the new 32Mb ultra low power Mobile SDRAMs are available now with production quantities available in April. The 16Mb, 64Mb and 128Mb ultra low power Mobile SDRAMs are all available in production now.


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