Internet based Media Auction System by Pix2Press

The digital age has made it easy for ordinary members of the public to take and sell their photos and videos to the media. With millions of people now carrying digital cameras and mobile phone cameras, anyone is able to capture a photo that could be worth thousands of pounds.

Pix2Press enables so-called ‘citizen journalists’ to get the highest possible price for their photograph or video without the hassle of having to try and sell the picture themselves. Photos and videos can be uploaded online or via a mobile phone.

The unique Internet based Auction System enables to serve the media, publishers and TV stations 24 hours/day, offering photos and videos world-wide to the highest bidder. The Auction System is similar to eBay where pictures are registered to be auctioned. There are no listing fees to upload and the user is always in full control over the bidding – can except an offer at any time – there is no ‘time limit’. Photos and videos can also be sold on an ‘exclusive’ basis.


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