UniKey Drive an essential tool for software vendors

UniKey Drive is a USB hardware key that allows software vendors to protect, license and deliver their software applications, drivers, and data to end users using a single USB key. The unique feature of this Drive key is that the data on the key is encrypted and hidden.

UniKey Drive is ideal for distributing software on-key. Use the UniKey Drive key, software vendors can license a large number of components or issue metered licensing

End user benefits
1. Extremely small case makes the software deployed feasible and portable.
2. Password protected secure disk, which is AES encrypted.
3. Bigger memory for USB key, 4k memory and 256 algorithms
4. Password protected hidden drive with file system, which is invisible for end users
5. 32bit smartcard
6. Longer password (16 bytes long)

Software vendor’s benefits
1. Software vendors can deploy software easily with just one simple drive. This saves the freight and time.
2. UniKey Drive can store data invisible to end users. A secure and hidden flash drive with file system is the best choice. UniKey Drive can even store electronic dictionary on the hidden drive.

The traditional dongle drive in the market is just based on usb key + usb hub chip + usb controller + flash chip, which it is much bigger and without secured flash drive including hidden drive.

The design of UniKey drive is unique and secure. The encrypted/hidden drive function gives software vendors an ideal secure storage for storing huge amount of data. Such drive is invisible for end-users, so there is no means to copy the data on such drive.

UniKey drive is based on advanced smart card technologies, the proven most secure technology. Such processor controls the software licenses and flash storage inside UniKey drive.


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