Dell Vostro enahanced its specs and colors

Dell Vostro has got a update in terms of specs and also the Colors. The Dell Laptop which comes with the Core i7 Quad Core for the 17-inch Vostro 3700 series. The 17-inch 3700 has been tagged at a price tag of $699 and the specs included in it are the optical drive and Core i5 processor.

The Colors available for the Dell vostro are silver, red or bronze. With these colors the Dell Vostro has been molded into a brand new series, but it is still our own Dell vostro laptop which has been appreciated by the majority of the people who have used it. The Vostro 3700 series have the same 1GB NVIDIA graphics card.

Dell Vostro series available for purchase from the website. Looks like a huge deal for the same laptop but with some advanced features on the hardware side. The Core i7 Quad core would be the eye catching line for everyone. Looks like every laptop releasing now is flaunting the Core i7 factor. Thus giving the Dell Vostro a new look. Stay tuned for more updates.


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