64-Bit PVCAM Driver released by Photometric

Photometrics, a designer and manufacturer of high-performance CCD
and EMCCD cameras for the life sciences, has announced the release of
the 64-bit version of its exclusive PVCAM universal programming
interface. This new driver adds support for Microsoft’s 64-bit
Operating Systems such as Windows 7 and Microsoft Vista 64.

which stands for Programmable Virtual Camera Access Method, is a set of
software library routines that implements a camera’s operations in a
hardware-independent, platform-independent ("virtual") suite of
function calls. Once an application has been written to control one
PVCAM-enabled camera, every PVCAM-enabled camera is then compatible
with the application. The transparent PVCAM interface supports a wide
variety of popular third-party imaging packages.

The new 64-bit
driver allows access to memory higher than the 32-bit limit of 4GB,
which empowers users to acquire RAM intensive image data and
streamlines workflow by enabling high speed analysis.


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