PageZephyr 2.0 is now available

Markzware continues to "re-invent" itself, from a software company
directed at print, to a software company also directed at "content."
Today, the software development company that invented preflighting by
introducing FlightCheck(R) to the print industry unveiled a new version
of its PageZephyr(TM) desktop search product.

PageZephyr 2.0 allows publishing companies, advertising firms, legal
eDiscovery or any company possessing so-called proprietary files to
manage more of their digital data regardless of how small or large
their business’ archives may be. Previously inaccessible content is now
a breeze to search and reuse.

PageZephyr 2.0 captures, indexes, and converts content created in
proprietary or non-common formats without the need for the original
authoring application. This transformative technology substantially
reduces the cost for time spent searching and cataloging unmanaged
content residing within these file types on local or network drives.
Before PageZephyr, documents had to be opened by the original
application and manually searched, one by one. Now PageZephyr 2.0,
enables anyone to instantly find content in these documents by simply
typing in a search term or phrase.

Internet search engines provided by companies such as Google, Yahoo!
and Bing are typically used to search the web for content within common
file-types, such as text in PDF, RTF , TEXT or Word documents. On the
desktop, indexing and search engines such as Microsoft Windows Index
and Apple’s SpotLight work in the same manner with the same
limitations. However, none of these companies possess technology that
performs like PageZephyr 2.0.

PageZephyr 2.0 is very different, providing a new approach that
takes search much further by discovering content inside popular file
formats that are ‘non-common’ such as .indd (Adobe InDesign), .pub
(Microsoft Publisher) and .qxd (QuarkXPress) for examination and
important decision making. Beyond that, PageZephyr 2.0 allows searching
in a specific area of interest across these different file types, to
merge, edit and combine content for easy creation of new and relevant
information pertinent to that topic. PageZephyr 2.0 also responds to
detailed boolean queries by using AND, OR and NOT to further refine the

Mary Gay Marchese, director of public relations at Markzware says,
"Until now it has been impossible to search and find content within the
billions of Quark, Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Publisher files, let
alone extract text and convert text once found, without opening each
one in the native application. Once again, Markzware has taken the
technological lead. With PageZephyr 2.0, Markzware is essentially
releasing 4 products in one: content searching, content viewing,
content extraction and content distribution for these unique file
formats." Marchese continues, "eDiscovery firms trying to find that
‘smoking gun,’ or companies trying to manage risks while reducing the
cost of maintaining content compliance will benefit from PageZephyr
2.0. Companies in various vertical markets having the need to recycle
premium content contained in these document types to market their goods
or services, especially through the internet, will find PageZephyr 2.0

This new release of PageZephyr includes expanded file support for:
* Versions of QuarkXPress 4.0 to 8.x
* Adobe InDesign CS through CS4
* Microsoft Publisher 2002 to 2007

Pricing and Availability:
Priced at only $199 (USD), PageZephyr 2.0 runs on Macintosh platforms
OS X 10.5.8 and higher. Until March 31, 2010, Markzware is offering a
web-coupon for PageZephyr at the super-discounted price of $149.
PageZephyr processes both Macintosh and Windows versions of these
document types. Anyone may download a FREE fully-functional, 30-day
trial by visiting PageZephyr online. Training and educational movies
are also available


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