Wagumo mobile software products launched by DataArt

Wagumo is designed to revolutionize the way people retrieve and receive
information by searching online and corporate content repositories,
organizing results into meaningful groups and themes and presenting
them in a dynamic and visually stunning interface on a PC or a smart

DataArt has been responsible for engineering the technology for
optimizing performance and building a server based infrastructure to
support the mobile platform, specifically developing a mobile iPhone
application to represent search results in a comprehensive and visually
intuitive manner.

DataArt also developed technology for embedding Wagumo into a corporate
Microsoft SharePoint server, so that when documents or data are
modified, Wagumo alerts are instantly pushed to the user’s smart phone
to view the change.
"We intensively researched the development community for best of breed
resources to help produce our exciting range of technologies," said
David Morgan, CEO of Wagumo Ltd. "We were determined to work with
people who shared our vision and excitement, who could demonstrate a
breadth of innovative and first rate technical skills, and who had a
track record of delivering high quality software on time. I have
experienced many development teams over the years and I have been
astounded by DataArt’s capabilities."

The difference between traditional search engines and Wagumo is
intelligent clustering. While a search for "Apple iPad" on Google will
return roughly 26.2 million results, Wagumo will present about 30
clusters of intelligent groups such as "Reviews", "Launch" and
"Accessories" which a user can select for viewing, open one of the
corresponding Web sites and electronically link his own comments before
e-mailing to a friend.

"Working with Wagumo allowed DataArt to perform on the cutting edge of
mobile technologies," said Dmitry Bagrov, Senior VP of European
Business Development at DataArt. "It’s gratifying to work with a young
company which has truly innovative products and a clear vision for
their implementation."

The first commercial version of the software for iPhone will be
available in a few weeks, with versions for other smart phones to
follow. Corporate customers may obtain Wagumo through reseller channels.


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