Bioware announce new DLC for Mass Effect 2

Bioware has kept its promise by publishing in the new DLC towards Mass Effect 2.

The DLC in question is not who we expected to know all the Firewalker pack but a new heavy weapon named Arc Projector. This weapon is definitely true to its name and give us the opportunity to electrocute with impunity our enemies. Like most heavy weapons, the Arc Projector is a weapon effect area.

It is therefore able to affect multiple enemies at once provided that they are grouped. It will be particularly effective against hard enemies synthetic supports such surges.

As an aside, a new video has surfaced and reveals the phases of play in-game aboard the Hammerhead, a tank placed on a cushion of air. This vehicle will be contained in the Firewalker pack of five exclusive missions and whose output is planned for late this month.


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