Samsung showcased 3D TVs and Blu-ray

Samsung has chosen the Geode, the Mecca of 3D for years already, yesterday to present its new line of salon equipment, many of which are compatible 3D. The Korean was actually announced four 3D TVs, Blu-ray and 3D glasses adequate. These devices, proudly presented from room to room for several years now, finally invade the market soon.

Four 3D Televisions:
The new TVs adopt as their elders multiple display technologies and are available in several diagonals. Relatively high quality from the first model, they all offer a refresh rate of 200 Hz, network connectivity and multimedia features and connected. They are in particular all capable of playing high-definition content from a USB storage or from a network share DLNA.

The first prize C750 series is broken down into 40 and 46 inches and is satisfied with a backlight tube. The C7700 and C8700 series, available in 40, 46, 55 and even 65-inch model for the highest quality, they take on a backlight LED, which gives them a great delicacy and deep black. The C7000 series adopts for its plasma technology and is available only in large, 50 or 63 inches.

All these TVs will be launched in April for public prices that are only partially disclosed. The 40 inch variant of the C750 series and will be sold 1 500 euros, while the C7700 will be displayed along diagonal to 2 000.

A Blu-ray 3D
The first Blu-ray player from Samsung 3D no surprise sharing most of its technical specifications and its features with the first models of its rival Sony. The Samsung BD-C6900 therefore adopts standards 3D Blu-ray and HDMI 1.4 (not the variant 1.4a), and competition best turntables multimedia supports backups to MKV format, they are stored on a external storage device, or shared on the network. The Wi-Fi is also integrated over the Ethernet.

The launch date and price of the BD-C6900 are still unknown.


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