Dell is the second largest manufacturer worldwide in 2009 behind Hewlett Packard

Dell finally retain second place in terms of PC sales for the year 2009, according to research firm iSuppli, despite the good performance of the challenger Acer, which has passed the third and fourth quarter.

The two companies are neck and neck and their sales figures are in a handkerchief. Dell has actually delivered 39 million computers in 2009, against 38.5 million for Acer. Shipments of the latter jumped by 21% compared to 31.8 million the previous year, which is by far the best score of the top five global manufacturers, while the U.S., only the top 5 to have registered a decline, fell nearly 10% from one year to another.

"Acer’s success has been driven by the market for laptops," said an analyst at iSuppli. "They represented almost 80% of its total sales in 2009. Sales of Acer notebooks grew 28% compared to 2008, compared with 20% market share.

Hewlett Packard is in turn well ahead with 59.6 million computers shipped in 2009, while Lenovo and Toshiba round out the top 5 with 24.9 and 15.5 million computers respectively. It is finally a total of 302 million computers were sold last year.


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