Beta testing of Final Fantasy XIV with Final Fantasy XIII

A large majority of players will buy Final Fantasy XIII for the sole purpose of discovering the title itself. Other, less motivated, but who still cracked, were more interested in the code in the box set of milling PS3.

Because in registering on the site Square Enix Members, you get a chance to participate in future beta testing of Final Fantasy XIV.

Registrants will anyway be entitled to something usable in the game but to be selected (e) for high adventure, it will be necessary to go a little further than that.

You will indeed answer a few questions and it is from your responses that Square Enix will decide whether or not you’ll be part of the festival. They ask you your speed Internet connection and the identity of your ISP, information about your router, the MMO that you previously played, and if you’ve been leading the guild.

In other words, better off having a CV well completed for hope to be among the elect. You bought the 360 version? The code now will give you objects free for your avatar Xbox LIVE. You console as you can. But that does not mean that the game will come out definitely not on the machine from Microsoft.

Final Fantasy XIV is expected to be launched this year on PS3 and PC.


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