SingleHop Announces Upcoming Cascade Cloud Services

SingleHop, a leading Chicago-based dedicated and managed web hosting
provider, today announced the planned launch of its new Cascade cloud
hosting platform. Cascade will consist of several new cloud services
that will be rolled out this spring.

SingleHop’s Cascade
program is named for a skydiving term, which describes two lines that
run together into a single line. Vice President of Communications Dan
Salcedo commented that "the name of the program is relevant, because our
goal here has been to develop a cloud product that integrates
exceptionally well with dedicated servers. The current integration of cloud computing and
dedicated hosting is cumbersome, and as such, the level of adoption from
dedicated server users has been low. Like the cascading lines of a
skydiver, Cascade is a suite of cloud
services that will be integrated with SingleHop dedicated servers
to offer all of the great functionality of cloud computing."

Cascade will offer the following advantages when bolted onto
SingleHop Dedicated Servers:

— Based around a dedicated server model, therefore giving additional security and stability over a shared cloud model.
— The ability to instantly scale in a variety of ways and pay only for what you use.
— High-availability and fault-tolerant hosting.
— The ability to isolate single sites from one another, used to prevent one site from using too many resources.
— The ability to access data from a variety of methods, from any computer, mobile device, etc.

"Cascade is the most exciting announcement that we’ve had to date,
and we feel is a real game changer to the dedicated server market. Our
approach with Cascade is new and we are confident that it will be the
answer to what’s been missing from both the cloud computing and dedicated
hosting markets. It will do so by offering an inexpensive upgrade to
dedicated servers that integrates the benefits and minimizes the issues
of both technologies. We’re expecting a huge adoption rate from our
clients," says SingleHop President and CEO Zak Boca.


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