Google releases YouTube Mobile app 2.4

Last March, Google launched the YouTube Mobile app for Nokia S60 and
Windows Mobile phones. Since then, the application was translated to 12
languages, installed on millions of devices around the world, and has been
chosen as a Nokia Ovi Top App of 2009. Yesterday they announced the
release of the latest version of the YouTube Mobile app, version 2.4.

Google strongly believe that faster is better. The YouTube
Mobile app is designed to be the fastest way to find and play a video on your
smartphone. In the initial release it minimized the number of features and
focused on speed for things that matter – app startup, finding a video, and
starting playback.

With this release Google have added
search query suggestions, ‘My Account’ support, and a new homescreen user
interface that is optimized for larger screens. Now when you log into your
YouTube account on your phone, you can view your favorites, subscriptions and
playlists from wherever you are. Let’s say you have recently found an amazing basketball
shot video and favorited it on your desktop PC. When you’re at the
basketball court with your friends all you need to do is launch the YouTube app
and go to your “Favorites” to show it to them.

Another feature that Google have added is query suggestions. When you type into the
YouTube search box, you get relevant suggestions. This saves on typing which is
especially useful for mobile phones where text input may be difficult. 

To download the app on your Windows Mobile or Nokia S60 phone, simply visit in your
phone’s browser. 


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