T-Mobile USA Provides Opens Location API to Developers

WaveMarket, a leader in mobile location-based platforms
and applications, today announced that T-Mobile USA, Inc., has joined the
Veriplace Cloud Location Platform Initiative, providing access to location
infrastructure to more than 1,000 third party developers using the Veriplace
Location platform. The Veriplace platform offers access to location information
from T-Mobile smartphones and feature phones, including Android-powered
handsets, and because the platform leverages wireless networks, devices can be
located indoors or outdoors.

WaveMarket’s Veriplace Location Aggregation Platform, which also
supports location access to all Sprint and AT&T handsets, enables a simple
way for web, mobile web, SMS, voice applications, and mobile applications to
locate feature phones and smartphones across multiple carriers via Veriplace’s
direct connections into major wireless carrier networks in the U.S. With
T-Mobile USA joining the Veriplace initiative, the Location platform now offers
developers remote location access to more than 150 million devices.

"We’re pleased to provide innovative, secure solutions for our
customers to stay connected with family and friends through location-aware
services," said Ray Froelich, director,
product development, T-Mobile USA. "Joining this initiative empowers developers
with opportunities to deliver inventive mobile communications solutions to our

Developer applications and services built on Veriplace can locate
devices across multiple carriers with a single API that eliminates the
complexity of various location technologies, networks and devices. Furthermore,
because the Veriplace platform leverages carrier location infrastructure,
devices can be located indoors or outdoors using a variety of location
technologies. Veriplace also empowers customers by giving them robust controls
for safeguarding their privacy and security.

"Veriplace protects end-user privacy while offering application
developers a single web-services API to locate more than 150 million devices on
multiple carriers," said Tasso
Roumeliotis, Founder and CEO, WaveMarket. "We’re thrilled to enable our
developer partners to offer innovative location-aware services to T-Mobile USA’s

Developers who want to location-enable their web, mobile web, SMS,
voice or mobile handset-based services can explore the Veriplace Location
Aggregation Platform for free at http://developer.veriplace.com.


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