MedsTracker a software tool by Alegent Health is released

are alone is not the solution; it complements what only patients and families can tell us—what medications they currently take, including any herbal supplements or over-the-counter preparations. Our goal is to work closely with patients to ensure we obtain accurate information when they come to us. And now, with each new prescription, our patients receive clear, easy-to-understand printed instructions and information they can take home and refer to as needed. It helps our nurses ensure that patients understand their medications."

Hospitals around the nation continue to struggle with the issue of medication reconciliation as they move from paper to electronic systems. MedsTracker meets the Joint Commission Patient Safety Goal for medication reconciliation, and also helps satisfy most of the criteria needed to demonstrate meaningful use and secure ARRA incentive payments and avoid penalties.

MedsTracker integrates with existing hospital and clinic systems. The software provides electronically generated safety checks and comprehensive medication lists. It can automatically fax a prescription to a patient’s pharmacy of choice, and eliminates errors due to illegible handwriting. It helps ensure the highest standards of patient medication safety while being user-friendly for physicians and registered nurses.

"With any investment in software, our number one question is always, ‘How will this benefit our patients?’" said Ken Lawonn, senior vice president and chief information officer for Alegent Health. "We want to ensure Alegent Health offers patients the best protection against medication errors, dangerous drug interactions or allergic reactions."


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