Metron 2.0 for Iphone is now available

SintraWorks today is pleased to announce the release of Metron 2.0,
an update to their professional digital metronome for iPhone and iPod
touch. The brainchild of a classically trained musician, Metron aids in
the practice of runs, excerpts and complete compositions. Featuring an
intuitive front panel, you can launch and start practicing instantly,
while an organized back panel provides access to powerful extra

In addition to the usual single and multiple beat ticks of digital
metronomes, Metron offers complex time signatures with beat grouping
and dynamic accellerando and ritardando through a high-precision
playback engine. A bar based sequencer offers detailed control over
tempo changes, rhythmic patterns, sounds, volume and colour.
Additionally, Metron incorporates a tuner that can be calibrated to
cent level.

New in version 2.0:
* Rhythm patterns. Subdivide beats to create almost any rhythmic pattern in the beat editor, using standard music notation.
* Copy/paste sequences.
* Copy/paste bars.
* Completely redesigned Metron icon.
* Completely redesigned front panel.
* When pausing playback, if a tempo variance of type "per beat" is
active, then the tempo is reset to the tempo at the start of the
current bar, since playback will, by default, resume at the beginning
of the current bar.
* Integrated user guide.

Features in Detail

* Portrait and landscape mode.
* Tempo from 10 to 400 Beats Per Minute (effectively 2.5 to 800).
* Accelerando and ritardando ("Variance").
* Specify a factor between one quarter (0.25) and double (2.0) the current tempo (Useful when practicing complex sequences).
* Tap the tap pad to set the tempo.
* Visual beat feedback in addition to clear and crisp audio pulses.
* Fully customisable sound, volume and feedback colour on any beat and/or its rhythmic subdivisions.

* Create your own library with any number of sequences. A set with the
most commonly used time signatures is included by default.
* Create sequences with any number of bars.
* Each sequence can set a countdown, a start tempo, a variance and
whether the metronome stops at the end of the sequence or repeats the
sequence from the beginning.
* Each bar consists of one or more time signatures and can set a tempo
and a variance starting on any beat. A bar can be set to play up to a
110 times.
* A time signature can have between 1 and 64 beats over a dotted or undotted denominator (examples: 7/4, 2/8., 9/32, 1/2., 3/1).
* A time signature can be subdivided into beat groups, allowing you to
set an accent on any beat you wish, since grouping beats affects
metronome playback. Metron differentiates between the first beat,
stressed beats and unstressed beats, so you always know where in the
bar you are.
* Each beat in a time signature can be further customised into a
rhythmic pattern (like triplets or swing, or most any pattern you
like). You can assign a custom color, sound and volume to any beat or
any rhythmic component of a beat. You are in control. You can keep it
as simple as you like, or make it as intricate as you need.
* Mix bars of different meters and tempi at will, and interpolate between tempi between any two points in a score.

Pitch Pipe:
* Plays any pitch from octave 0 to octave 8
* Reference pitch: A4 = 440Hz
* Adjustable per Hertz or per cent level
* Choice of note names: C D E … etc, Do Re Mi … etc.

Minimum Requirements:
* iPhone or iPod touch
* iPhone OS X 3.0 later
* 3.4 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Metron 2.0 is available at the iTunes App Store for $2.99 (USD) in the Music category.


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