Road Pilot a GPS Navigator available at an affordable price

MapmyIndia, India’s leader in maps and GPS
navigation solutions, is making GPS navigation technology even more
accessible and affordable. The company has launched Road Pilot, a
sophisticated GPS navigator pre-loaded with maps of 620 Indian cities;
576,000 towns and villages; 30,000 tourist locations; 2 million unique
destinations. The navigator is priced at just Rs. 7,990.

Unique Features

Road Pilot has a 3.5" wide touch screen and gives turn-by-turn voice
assistance to guide you to your destination. It also has a unique
snooze feature to help save power. When not in use, the Road Pilot can
be put to ‘Sleep Mode’ so that it boots up immediately when it is used
next. Also, there are no monthly or recurring charges and there’s no
SIM card or GPRS connection required.

Since the device does not
depend on mobile network coverage, it offers an ‘always on’ GPS
navigation experience, even in places where a mobile phone GPS
navigation (which relies on GPRS) would have failed because of patchy
or even non-existent network coverage.

One of the most important accessories for your car

uniqueness and usability of a MapmyIndia GPS navigator is fast becoming
apparent with more and more companies offering it as a standard
accessory with their various car models. For those looking to add the
benefits of GPS navigation to their overall driving experience, Road
Pilot is the ideal solution. Easily available and affordable, the
navigator comes with all necessary utilities require to install it in a
car, including car mount and car charger.

Travel essential for the travelling family

Road Pilot is pre-loaded with maps for over 125 tourist cities with
information about hotels, tourist locations, ATMs, petrol pumps and
eating joints. Even before starting the vacation, tourists can use the
device to plan where to go, what routes to take and what to do once
they reach their destination. It gives turn-by-turn directions to more
than 30000 tourist locations. One can even search for all tourist
locations in a city and create a custom route to explore all of them.
The gizmo is the perfect and essential companion for a family on
vacation as it helps you reach your destination, ensuring that your
family’s travel is safe and comfortable.

Says Rakesh Verma, MD,
MapmyIndia: "MapmyIndia is committed to making GPS technology more
accessible and useful. With the launch of Road Pilot, MapmyIndia has
entered a new market for GPS navigators. The new navigator offers all
the features of a sophisticated GPS navigator along with India’s best
and most accurate maps. Road Pilot has covered another milestone in
MapmyIndia’s pursuit for excellence and innovation."

Product Specifications

– 3.5" wide touch-screen

– Slim & pocket friendly

– No SIM card or GPRS connection required

– Loaded with maps of:

– – 620 cities with complete details of streets, localities, sub-localities and points of interest

– -5,76,000 towns and villages connected by national and state highways

-2 million unique destinations across 52 tourist and business
categories such as petrol pumps, ATMs, restaurants, hospitals, hotels,
national parks, etc.

– -30,000 tourist locations


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