Advanced RJ-45 connector now developed by Microsemi Corporation

Microsemi Corporation (Nasdaq:MSCC), a leading manufacturer of high performance analog mixed-signal integrated circuits and high reliability semiconductors, and Tyco Electronics (NYSE:TEL), a global leader in electronic components, announced today the delivery of the industry’s most advanced RJ-45 connector with built-in power over Ethernet (PoE) technology.

Until now, Enhanced capabilities – the ability to deliver power together with data and voice over a standard Ethernet cable with power management – were typically provided as an ASIC, an integrated module or as a midspan device. This latest innovation enables Enhanced PoE functionality to be embedded within the RJ-45 connector, reducing the cost, footprint and design-cycle time associated with integrating PoE into Ethernet switches.

Tyco Electronics’ RJ-45 connector, enhanced by Microsemi’s advanced PD69012 device, is expected to reduce the number of components and assembly cost for manufacturers who are designing next-generation Ethernet switches with IEEE 802.3af-compliant or  EE802.3at-compliant PoE functionality. It is the first RJ-45 connector in the market capable of delivering IEEE802.3at power with built-in high end power management capabilities including dynamic power management, emergency power management, backplane power management and resilient power management.

An integrated PoE RJ-45 connector will be critical for vendors who are designing complex Gigabit Ethernet switches that have very little room on the printed circuit board for additional electronic circuitry. The RJ-45 connector comes in two pin-out configurations, one fully
compatible with the PoETec 2.0 industry standard, and another with the additional power management capabilities.

"As a founder of the IEEE 802.3af and IEEE802.3at standard task forces, which also boasts an impressive list of Ethernet switch vendors, Microsemi continues to prove its leadership in PoE design and PoE chip technology," said Marcus McElroy, Product Manager at Tyco Electronics. "Harnessing both companies’ engineering expertise, we have developed the industry’s most advanced RJ-45 connector with Power over Ethernet Plus technology, which will provide an easy migration path for our existing PoE RJ-45 connector customers and an extremely attractive solution for new customers."

"Tyco Electronics’ leadership in the RJ-45 connector market and Microsemi’s expertise in PoE technology and IC design enable a level of integration and functionality that is unique in the industry," said Daniel Feldman, Director of Marketing, Power over Ethernet, at Microsemi. "This joint continued effort that started in 2004 will truly benefit Ethernet switch manufacturers who are looking to add PoE Plus functionality to their next-generation products. Working together also brings us one step closer to rapid deployment of Power over Ethernet functionality in next-generation switches."

Tyco Electronics has begun to deliver samples of the 2×6 PoE RJ-45 connector. Tyco Electronics and Microsemi also plan to develop 2×4 and 2×8 PoE RJ-45 connectors.


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