SatNav Technologies unveils SatGuide

SatNav Technologies, pioneers in GPS navigation in India since 2005,
today launched their mascot “SatGuide” for a range of products and
services based on GPS technology. The idea behind the “SatGuide” mascot
was to create an image for SatNav Technologies and its many GPS based
products and services to rally around and establish a very strong
connect with its target audiences.

“India has a potential to become the leading destination for
multinational GPS companies in Asia, but there is clearly a lack of
awareness about the technology and this is proving to be a deterrent. We
believe that the “SatGuide” mascot is an initiative that will provide a
greater connect with our consumers with better awareness about GPS
technology and its applications,” said Amit Prasad, Founder and CEO,
SatNav Technologies.

SatNav Technologies is a pioneer in GPS technology in India and
offers a wide range of products and services. Over the years, SatGuide has introduced various
navigation products like PND, PDA, mobile software and laptop/desktop
software, SatTracx Locator services and loggers under the brand name

SatGuide products provide high-performance GPS Navigation solutions
for a range of applications whether it is GPS for Car Navigation or
Mobile, with the highest street coverage spanning 628 cities and a
staggering 2 million points of interest in these cities.

Major cities are constantly updated by survey and customer feedback,
and an additional 200 cities have been added since the previous version
of maps. The points of interest are arranged in 42 different categories
like airlines, airports, ATMs, among others, for the convenience of the

SatNav Technologies has constantly grown and bagged prestigious
awards, including the Computer Society of India Award 2002, the Nasscom
Innovation Showcase 2005, the Microsoft India Innovation Award 2006, the
Red Herring Top 100 in Asia Award 2007, the Tech Innovator Award by
EMRI in 2008, among others, and is a demonstration of its capabilities,
innovation, and contribution to the industry and its area of expertise.


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