OWC unveils Mercury Elite-AL Pro mini 1TB portable drive

The all new OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro mini 1TB portable drive from OWC
would let you store all your data on it, that you carry on your computer
since a long time ago. What will you do with such a huge storage ? 1TB
Portable Drive for the Daily data ? No matter what, i truly believe that
technology now is going to make me think of the future where TB’s of
data would be carried on a single chip.

Getting back to our OWC Portable drive, The OWC provides the Data
storage of 1TB and is 2.5-inch in size and it has got a body with the
aluminum finishing. The OWC portable drive would not carry a fan and
supports the eSATA, USB 2.0.

This Portable drive from OWC inside is rated at 5200RPM, and carries
Intech Speedtools, Prosoft Engineering Data backup and Carbon Copy


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