HTC Incredible Specification Leaked

HTC Incredible has come to the fore with Verizon logo.The latest leak appears to corroborate an earlier report showing the CDMA-equipped device running Android 2.1. The Incredible is said to get a 1GHz Snapdragon processor,WVGA touchscreen display (3.5 or 3.7 inches), and 256MB of RAM.

The top SKU, ADR6300DU, is allegedly a reference for the launch kit which includes materials for the retailer, such as display units or pamphlets. The second SKU, ADR6300VW, is for the actual handset.  The new HTC Incredible offers you a very nice design with Verizon logo printed on it. That simply means the mobile is going to come under Verizon support. The glossy back which was common the most prior models is being replaced with a red tone that oferrs a nice look for the mobile set.

HTC has tried to give out a full effort in order to develop a stylish look to the cell phone by adding the red color on the phone. The mobile launch is not yet confirmed but it is expected in store till this April or May.

Incredible Detailed Video 











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