Sony working on consumer 3D camera

Masashi Imamura, director of the division of Sony digital imaging, announced Thursday the development of a 3D camera for the general public. Its technical specifications are kept secret, but the precision of the Japanese firm draws a little more political on his 3D. Convinced that this technology is the next revolution in television, Sony pushed the research within the group to develop complementary products to screen "3D", announced earlier this week for a worldwide release date from June

At the same time should leave an update for the PS3, which will add to support the console games and Blu-Ray in relief. Sony has also announced he was working on a Vaio laptop with 3D capabilities.

Sony wants to prove himself at the next World Cup football in South Africa. Already holder of professional 3D technology, the Japanese company hopes to promote its cameras and satellite trucks.

The price important criterion for determining whether a technology is truly public, has not yet been announced. Release dates either, but Sony seems to advance a launch in the second half of 2010, after television, game consoles and computers – because it will require solutions for mounting and display.

The camera preparation has two objectives: to fill a void in the solutions with Sony to enable users to produce their own content in relief, and get ahead of other manufacturers.


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