Pariahware released Biblicious 1.0

Pariahware, Inc. today is pleased to announce the release of Biblicious 1.0, a game for iPhone and iPod touch. When launched, the player can choose a single player game, a practice game, or a fill in the blank game, called Mix and Match. The player can choose from a 10 question game to a 50 question game, as well as questions from the Old or New Testaments, or the entire Bible.

"Biblicious if finally here, and it simply fun!", stated Christian Miller, President of Pariahware, Inc. "Biblicious will make you laugh while you are learning, whether by yourself, or in a group. Since there is no lite version available, interested parties can see the game in action by visiting the Biblicious web site."

When Biblicious is launched, Flip Ant, the game show host, will introduce himself. After a game mode is chosen, he will ask you the number of questions you wish to play, and from where in the Bible, you’d like the questions to originate… the Old Testament, New Testament, or the entire Bible. From there, you can listen while Flip explains the rules of the selected game type. There are three styles of play.

Single Player mode presents the question, the multiple choice answers, and manna reward. When Flip finishes reading them to you, the manna begins to decrease. After some time, the wrong answers will begin to disappear to help the player choose the correct one. If answered correctly, the remaining manna is added to the score. Answered incorrectly, and that amount of manna is deducted. The object of the game is to collect Manna by answering the presented questions correctly so you can enter your name in the Manna Leaderboard.

Practice mode is similar to Single Player mode except that there is no time limit, and is not ranked on the Manna Leaderboard. This mode allows for discussion in a group setting, or the ability to research and look up the correct answer.

The Mix and Match game displays a Bible passage on the screen with a missing word a possible answers float by. Choose the correct answer to gain manna. It is a quick 10 question game when there isn’t much time to play.

In addition to the three game modes available, Biblicious gives fans the ability to visit the Pariahware Schwag Store where items that have the Biblicious or Pariahware logo on them can be acquired. New questions can also be submitted for possible inclusion. And, users can sign up for the Pariahware Newsletter, follow Pariahware on Twitter, or become a Pariahware Fan on Facebook.

Device Requirements:

  • iPhone and iPod touch
  • Requires iPhone OS 3.1.2 or later
  • 32.7 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Pariahware’s Biblicious is available in most of the App Stores, and for a limited time, is available for $2.99 (USD). Prices in non-US App Stores may vary.


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