MacinMind Software released Radiologik DJ 1.7

MacinMind Software today is pleased to announce the release of Radiologik DJ 1.7 for Mac OS X. Radiologik DJ is the DJ music and playout system for radio or most DJ needs, offering beautiful real radio transitions by employing Track Prep through the accompanying scheduler program. It makes great use of iTunes library, marking songs as played so smart playlists can be used for very complex radio rotation. It includes 3 main players, a palette of players for short sound effects, and it’s own ultra fast library for searching, previewing and programming tracks while on the air.

Radiologik DJ is meant to shine both as a live DJ and a 24/7 automated station for many formats where DJs can walk in and out at any time. It’s used in schools, colleges, LPFMs, specialized streaming stations, and even high power stations for some programs. It’s in use in dozens of countries and is localized for English, French and German. With a growing community of users around the world at many small radio stations from LPFM, college, high school and specialized streaming stations, users are exchanging ideas in the user-led radiologikusers forum and helping to set the direction of the project.

Pricing and Availability:
Radiologik starts at $128.00 (USD) for a fully-automated station and can be extended with more advanced features such as traffic management for advertising, time announcements and automatic voiceovers for just $200.00. Radiologik is always available to download and try with no time restriction on trial. It requires a Mac with at least Tiger 10.4.


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