Details on Medal of Honor

EA has put forward the next installment of Medal of Honor through a handful of images and some details in terms of screenwriting framework and content.

Following a license which has encountered difficulties to compete, Medal of Honor return to service in a new episode that will be developed on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Abandoning also the Second World War to more contemporary conflicts, MOH offers to take part in an elite U.S. unit infiltrated the heart of Afghanistan.

If the SPF grant itself many phases of sustained gunfire, developers have to focus on undercover missions, allowing to use some ingenuity to blend into the scenery or the people. This method can eliminate enemy soldiers without giving warning. Of course, actions will be more robust flavor of the day, but also situations of ambush.

It is worth noting that production will be developed in cooperation with DICE (Battlefield developers) to design a multiplayer mode for high quality.

Medal of Honor-1     Medal of Honor-2



Medal of Honor-3


Medal of Honor-4     Medal of Honor-5

Medal of Honor will be marketed during the fall of 2010 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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