BlackArmor familly of storage solution by Seagate is launched

Seagate has introduced the BlackArmor family of network-attached, workstation and portable storage solutions in India, which are designed to meet the digital asset management needs of small business professionals.

The new solutions – the BlackArmor NAS 440/420, BlackArmor NAS 220 and BlackArmor NAS 110 network storage servers and the BlackArmor WS 110 external drive workstation – share the same suite of robust backup applications for business professionals and home office use.

Designed as a simple, easy-to-install and easy-to-manage solution for businesses with little or no IT support, BlackArmor storage solutions are perfect for small office environments with up to 50 employees as well as self-employed professionals. Additionally, the BlackArmor line of solutions provides software management tools that are compatible across the family, providing a consistent user experience and future growth path with minimal training or the need for additional support.

With features like automated full-system backup and SafetyDrill+ software, a bare metal recovery feature, the BlackArmor family of storage solutions delivers enhanced data protection. Since BlackArmor external drives automatically create an exact copy of everything on the PC, SafetyDrill+ software is ready to restore one’s entire system if a data disaster such as a virus attack, hardware failure, or PC crash were to occur. SafetyDrill+ software comes preloaded on all BlackArmor products and does not require any additional installation. For increased data protection of backed-up files, the software also features an AES 256-bit government-grade encryption.

"For over 30 years, Seagate has been the trusted provider of reliable storage technology to companies of all sizes," said Rajesh Khurana, Country Manager – India and SAARC, Seagate Technology. "The BlackArmor family of products gives small businesses, those with home offices and more advanced recreational users an easy-to-use yet robust storage solution at an affordable price point."

The Seagate BlackArmor family:
BlackArmor NAS 440/420 Storage Servers: These storage servers are designed to provide optimum uptime and data integrity to ensure business continuity for up to 50 networked computers. Each is a four-bay NAS device, populated with Seagate disk drives. In the case of the BlackArmor NAS 420, it comes with two drives in a four drive chassis. The BlackArmor NAS 440 comes fully populated with four drives. Seagate BlackArmor NAS 440 and Seagate BlackArmor NAS 420 network storage servers help companies ensure they operate efficiently, while keeping their business data secure, available, accessible and protected.

BlackArmor NAS 220 Storage Server: Delivering centralized network storage and secure remote access in a compact design, the BlackArmor NAS 220 storage server is a small-business-specific network attached storage solution designed to provide data protection for up to 20 PCs. With 4 TB of shared storage capacity, the BlackArmor NAS 220 storage server can meet the needs of small offices and self-employed professionals as well as home networks.

BlackArmor NAS 110 Storage Server: Designed to provide centralized storage and media streaming for up to 10 PCs, the BlackArmor NAS 110 storage server includes support for Windows Server 2008, wiki server support and up to 2 TB of capacity, making accessing and sharing content easy for home networks and small offices.

BlackArmor WS 110 Workstation External Drive: For small office, home-based professionals or remote staff, the BlackArmor WS 110 external drive is a powerful, complete and secure direct attached external storage and backup solution. The dual interface of eSATA and USB 2.0 provide quick access to data. With a piano black enclosure, the BlackArmor WS 110 external drive is designed to lie flat or stand vertically to blend seamlessly into a work environment.

All products are available now through channel partners and select retailers at the following manufacturers’ suggested retail prices (excluding tax):
Seagate BlackArmor NAS 440 network servers – four-bay, four drive configuration – Rs. 99,000/- for 8 TB
Seagate BlackArmor NAS 420 network servers – four-bay, two drive configuration – Rs.. 52,500/- for 4 TB
Seagate BlackArmor NAS 220 network servers – two-bay, two drive configuration – Rs. 42,000/- for 4 TB
Seagate BlackArmor NAS 110 network servers – one-bay, one drive configuration – Rs. 19,000/- for 2 TB and Rs. 12,000/- for 1 TB
Seagate BlackArmor WS 110 external drive workstation – Rs. 13,500/- for 2 TB and Rs. 8,000/- for 1 TB


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