Pixazza Unveils AdPix, Pioneering the Use of Images for Display Advertising

Pixazza, Inc., an Internet service that turns static images into
engaging content by revealing the ‘products in the picture,’ today
announced a new advertising platform called AdPix. AdPix pioneers the
use of images as real estate for display advertising on the web. Like
Google’s AdSense, which delivers text ads relevant to text on a web
page, Pixazza’s AdPix delivers display ads contextually relevant to the
images featured on web pages.

"After a decade focused on search advertising, the industry is once
again looking for innovations in display advertising," said Bob
Lisbonne, CEO of Pixazza. "Pixazza enables consumers to mouse over
images on their favorite web sites to reveal a card with associated
information, products and brands. Because the content is contextually
relevant, consumers consider it a feature, while advertisers enjoy high
levels of engagement."

AdPix offers a range of advertising programs to advance different
advertisers’ objectives. The AdPix-featured brand program enables brand
advertisers to deliver powerful brand impressions to a highly targeted
audience demographic in a unique form. Unlike other forms of display
advertising, which can arrive ‘uninvited’ by a user, AdPix delivers
consumers an ad only when they indicate interest by clicking on a photo.
The AdPix-sponsored inventory program enables direct response
advertisers and ecommerce companies to acquire additional customers and
generate additional transactions on a CPC (cost-per-click) basis.

The AdPix platform includes three important elements:

— a network of leading web publishers, whose use of Pixazza’s InfoCards and Shopdot storefronts engage more than 13 million unique monthly consumers;
— a network of leading advertisers, with brand advertisements, product advertisements, and direct response advertisements; and
— a technology platform connecting the two, which dynamically creates and delivers the optimal ad for each image, using a combination of crowdsourcing and computer algorithms.

Crowdsourcing Platform Ensures Contextually Relevant Ads

Developed by technologists from Netscape and LiveOps who pioneered
leading Internet and crowdsourcing technologies, Pixazza is powered by a
crowdsourcing platform designed to achieve scale and handle complex
work and image analysis. Pixazza’s proprietary crowdsourcing technology
engages product experts from around the country to drive the product
selection process. Each individual identifies, tags and matches products
found within online images and then links them back to the inventories
of Pixazza’s network of advertisers. It is the unique combination of
product experts and computer algorithms that allow AdPix to dynamically
create and deliver the optimal ad for each image.


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