snom technology selects STMicroelectronics’ microprocessor for next-generation IP Phones

A state-of-the-art embedded microprocessor from STMicroelectronics, a world
leader in System-on-Chip technology, has been selected for next-generation IP
telephones from snom technology, a leading producer of VoIP equipment for
enterprise communication.

Combining an advanced ARM processor core with a rich set of audio,
communication and connectivity interfaces, ST’s SPEAr 300 microprocessor forms
the heart of the newest snom 870 VoIP telephone. The Linux-based phone, which
boasts an intuitive user interface with a high-definition touch-screen color
display, wideband audio, an integrated XML browser, and plenty of additional
features, arrived on the market in September

The SPEAr microprocessor runs the operating system and Graphical
User Interface of the snom 870 phone and handles all the computing-intensive
tasks, including Ethernet communication, real-time voice coding/decoding,
telephone conferencing, and echo compensation. ST’s microprocessor enhances the
phone’s connectivity and extensibility with Ethernet MAC, three USB 2.0 ports,
an analog-to-digital converter, and WLAN through USB.

A companion chip to SPEAr 300 is ST’s STM8 8-bit microcontroller,
which manages the snom 870’s touch screen display, as well as the keyboard and
the receiver.

"When we were looking for a microprocessor that combines high
levels of computing power, connectivity and customizability with low investment
costs and short time to market, ST’s technology has clearly emerged as the best
choice," said Christian Stredicke, CEO
snom technology. "The SPEAr provides us with an open, future-proof hardware and
software platform that covers our complete IP phone product range, from
entry-level to high-end models."

"This cooperation is a great opportunity for ST to contribute to
the significant momentum IP telephony is gaining in enterprise communications,
with the worldwide number of VoIP phones exceeding that of conventional phone
sets," said Loris Valenti, Group VP and
General Manager, Computer Systems Division, STMicroelectronics. "snom’s decision
to use ST’s embedded microprocessor in their VoIP devices confirms SPEAr as a
unique match to the needs of equipment manufacturers to develop complex yet
flexible digital applications at a fraction of the time and cost required by a
full-custom design approach."


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