2 New Portable Hard Drives Starck & Petit Revealed by LaCie

LaCie, world-renowned leader in cutting-edge designer storage drives, today announced two new models of portable HDDs, Starck and Petit  range.

The LaCie Starck Mobile Hard Drive is the result of collaboration between LaCie and world-famous designer Philippe Starck. Its sturdy 2mm of aluminum casing keeps the LaCie Starck from overheating, and helps it to be very resistant, enhancing its overall dependability. The polished aluminum exterior is stylish and tough, but also light enough to transport, making the LaCie Starck both completely chic and completely mobile. A convenient aspect of the LaCie Starck is its embedded USB cable, which allows you to maximize its compact nature and portability.

The LaCie Petit Hard Disk is one of the smallest, most compact drives on the market, making it an ideal choice for users that need constant access to their data. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket, but looks good on any desk. Its USB 2.0 interface helps the LaCie Petit work on almost any computer, anywhere. Covered in aluminum, the LaCie Petit features a sturdy, resistant casing that keeps the drive cool, and most importantly, protected.

Other exciting features that the drives boast are Ready for Windows 7 and MAC OS 10.6, USB Boost (increased drive performance up to 33% ), Wuala 10GB online storage and 2 years warranty.

Both drives will be available in 320 and 500 GB capacities at MRP beginning Rs. 5900 exclusively through neoteric infomatique ltd. and its network of 48 branches spread across India.





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