Upside Learning is now added in Social Networking

Upside Learning, a global provider of learning solutions and a recognized leader in training outsourcing, custom e-learning development & LMS solutions, now has its presence on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Upside Learning has always taken steps to stay in close contact with its customers, prospects and all others involved with the areas of its work. With social media serving as an independent platform for companies to share their services socially, keeping aside formal corporate structure, and for public to share their thoughts and opinions freely, Upside Learning is geared up to extend its community interactions and customer information support further.

Amit Garg, Director of Content Solutions at Upside Learning, says, "While the Upside Learning Blog has been in existence for over a year now, these new social forays add a new dimension to our social presence. They will help us open up our communication with the community, broaden our understanding and share our experiences which could be useful for others in the field."

Upside Learning’s objective behind these efforts is to be able to communicate with the public in a more direct way. More specifically, the social media profiles will allow Upside learning to reach out to a wider audience and address relevant topics or concerns. With these, its clients and public can not only view the latest happenings and other interesting information at Upside Learning but also get a picture about the market directly. These profiles will also allow current customers to send their feedback, ask questions, learn about others’ experience and, participate in discussions and debates more actively. Upside Learning plans to add elements like video galleries, photo albums, and presentations so as to make the overall experience more interactive and informative.


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