RankSpeed a New Sentiment-Based Search Engine

RankSpeed, the sentiment-based search engine, announces a ranking tool for electronic products that analyzes the noise in social media to surface the best products. Instead of using traditional user review sites, RankSpeed analyzes opinions expressed in the twittersphere / blogosphere to rank products and websites by any sentiment entered as a keyword: "excellent", "easy", "useful", etc.

For each result, RankSpeed shows the percentage of users who have expressed an "excellent" opinion and a list of those users with their tweets about the product / site. The timeline for the tweets and blog posts used to rank results can be set to one month, one year or any time. Choosing a short timeline is useful to surface products or websites that recently received positive comments.

For product results, RankSpeed can show a list of web pages and photos related to the product and can check prices in realtime (only a few merchants for this beta). The last offer posted on Twitter is also mentioned. Several criteria can be entered in a single query to compare for example how "good", "easy" and "fast" is a list of results. As any sentiment can be entered, the ranking tool is also useful to avoid products or websites often associated with "problem", "broken", etc.

For this beta version, RankSpeed compares only popular websites and electronic products to show how sentiment analysis on social media can be helpful for products and services recommendation. Future versions will work on a much larger database.  


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