Music Maker’s Greasealizer Version annouced by MAGIX

The “do it yourself” music industry has opened up the ability of individuals to distribute and create their own music and sound. MAGIX and Damon Blackman, known to the hip-hop world as Dame Grease, have joined forces to offer the new Greasealizer version that will allow fans of Dame Grease, or any hip-hop artist, to develop their own sound. With specialized Soundpools developed by Dame Grease himself, MAGIX now presents Music Maker Greasealizer Version. Easy to use, users can master their ideas, turning them into a reality.

Greasealizer makes making beats easy

“With Greasealizer you can make classical jazz, different element of music and not just hip-hop,” says Dame Grease, “the sound you make is incredibly open and powerful. What we have done with MAGIX is create a program that captures my musical essence, and that’s what we have done with Greasealizer, captured my musical essence and experience and put it in a program.”

“Thanks to MAGIX, we’ve got Greasealizer coming out, and it’s so spectacular- that Wave Gang sound you are looking for, That Ruff Ryders sound you are looking for, and whole new elements can be found in Greasealizer,” says Grease.

With thousands of distinctive sounds, loops, and instruments this original music creator has been one of the most successful of MAGIX’s consumer products. With years of expertise behind it, and thousands of rave reviews, MAGIX Music Maker has become a pro player in a market flooded with imitators and low budget productions. Users can now take control of their sound.

Dame Grease has produced many well known Hip-Hop and Rap artists for more than a decade including, DMX, LL Cool J, and Mary J. Blige. Working with these artists, Dame Grease has made a name for himself in the industry, and developed his own distinct sound. It is this sound that the likes of Wu Tang Clan have made use of, and users can now bring it home to create their own sound! Each loop, instrument track, sound, and mixing effect is licensed to the individual, with no royalties to be paid ever again, this means they can publish their music anywhere without the need to worry about copyright, or infringing on an artist’s work – Dame Grease wants independent musicians to use his sounds to make them their own. With a total of 7 original full songs, and 135 effects and loops, created by Dame Grease himself, users can create their own sound with the support of a professional music producer!

Music Maker Greasealizer will be available on March 15th, 2010 for $69.99 US.

Dame “Blackman” Grease has been producing Hip-Hop since 1997, and has no intention of stopping now. With a recent resurgence into the market, Dame Grease has worked hard to bring his work the forefront of the industry again. The year 2007 became a keystone in the meteoric rise in his popularity, with Grease releasing several singles and beginning work on his solo album “Goon Music”, which was released in 2008.


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