Sustainable Softworks released Phone Amego 1.1.13

Sustainable Softworks today is pleased to announce the availability of Phone Amego 1.1.13. Phone Amego makes using your phone easier when you are near your computer by providing on-screen caller ID, letting you click to dial a phone number from your Address Book or on your screen, and optionally dialing through Google Voice. This release offers several user interface improvements including minimizing an active call window to the Dock, an option to translate mnemonics (letters in phone numbers), and remotely dialing a landline phone attached to another computer running Phone Amego sharing.

Phone Amego makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of telephone integration:

  • Know who is calling before you reach for your phone;
  • Dial with ease when the number you want to call is already on your computer; and
  • Log calls, update contacts, or take a message with just a few clicks.

Phone Amego works with all kinds of phones including Bluetooth cell phones, landline phones connected via USB modem, and VoIP services accessed through a Linksys/Sipura telephone adaptor. Phone Amego finds compatible modems or VoIP adaptors automatically to make configuration a snap.

"Phone Amego is a wonderful convenience that’s simple yet surprisingly flexible" said Peter Sichel, Chief Engineer of Sustainable Softworks. "Your Mac is already a hub for other digital devices. Why not use it with your phones?" Using the Google Voice feature, the software can easily pay for itself (free nationwide long distance, low international rates, and free SMS to multiple recipients).

System Requirements:

  • Phone Amego runs on Mac OS X 10.5 or later (32/64-bit Universal), and works with one or more of the following:
  • A Google Voice account, or
  • A compatible Bluetooth cell phone, or
  • A landline phone connected through a compatible USB modem and caller ID service, or
  • A VoIP phone connected through a Linksys/Sipura VoIP telephone adaptor.

Pricing and Availability:
Phone Amego 1.1.13 can be purchased from the Sustainable Softworks online web store for $20 (USD).


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