MSI Intel X58-based motherboards will support the latest Intel Core i7-980X Extreme CPU

To provide consumers more comprehensive upgrade services, MSI, the
world-leading mainboard and graphic card manufacturer, announced today
that all MSI Intel X58-based mainboards will support the latest Intel
, the 32nm B1 stepping native 6-core CPU. So in
the beginning of product design, MSI’s total consideration about
upgradability is shown, and also the greater scalability to consumers is

On the market, the Intel Core i7-980X Extreme processor, which adopts
the cutting-edge 32nm process and B1 stepping, is the first native
6-core CPU for home and office use, and the multi-tasking performance
provide by the CPUs will bring users the most impressive experience of
performance. The MSI X58 mainboards have been a heat on the market and
earned innumerable awards from worldwide media since they were launched
for their outstanding specifications and performance. Another heat is
expected from them for their full support and compatibility with the
Intel Coire-i7 980X Extreme CPUs. As reasons above, MSI X58 mainboards
will undoubtedly the first choice for the overclockers thirst for the
extreme performance!

Model List and BIOS Version Supported


Model Bios
Eclipse Plus A7566IMS.110
Eclipse SLI A7520IMS.1C0
X58 Platinum SLI A7522IMS.370
X58 Platinum A7522IMS.370
X58 Pro A7522IMS.8A0
X58 Pro-E A7522IMS.8A0
X58M A7593IMS.350


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