Cisco announces Cisco Borderless Access

New ‘Borderless Access’ Solutions Emphasize Pricing Flexibility, Sustainability, Video and Security Capabilities to Enable Organizations to Adopt Flexible Business Models and Expand Geographical Reach


Helping customers accelerate business growth, Cisco today announced the release
of Cisco Borderless Access. This portion of the company’s Borderless Networks
architecture comprises products and service innovations that enable seamless and
highly secure wired-wireless communications, sophisticated businesswide energy
management, and the optimized delivery of video applications. As part of this
architecture, Cisco is introducing an entire new series of fixed-switching
product lines – the Cisco Catalyst 3560/3750-X Series and 2960-S Series – that
provide a comprehensive suite of new professional services offerings, flexible
entry-level pricing, and an enhanced limited lifetime warranty.  In addition to
its switching lines, Cisco announced new routing innovation in the areas of
advanced security and performance.

Today’s announcement builds on the Cisco Borderless Networks vision introduced in October 2009 and
the announcement of Cisco Secure Borderless Networks earlier this month. The Cisco
Borderless Networks architecture, which defines the attributes necessary for
supporting businesses that are increasingly distributed and mobile, is designed
to enable businesses to connect anyone to anything, anywhere, and anytime – in a
highly secure, reliable and seamless environment. Cisco delivers on this
architecture through video, energy management and highly secure networking
services that are embedded across its routing, switching, wireless and security
platforms to form a comprehensive borderless networking solution.

Network Services Highlights:

  • EnergyWise – Cisco EnergyWise harnesses network intelligence to
    help customers proactively control energy consumption and lower operating costs
    and carbon footprint.  Cisco today announced the next release of this
    award-winning technology, featuring Cisco EnergyWise Orchestrator, which extends
    power management to PCs and laptops in addition to Power over Ethernet (PoE)
    devices. Today Cisco also released the EnergyWise SDK, available through the
    Cisco Developer Network, which enables third-party developers to implement
    EnergyWise support in their products.
  • Cisco TrustSec – Cisco TrustSec is a next-generation security
    solution allowing customers to deploy security policies across all access
    technologies, whether those are wired, wireless or virtual private networks. It
    combines identity and policy to help protect both customer and employee
    transactions anywhere on the network and to help ensure that users are
    authenticated and given access to network services based on identity. Cisco
    announced today that Cisco TrustSec is now available on the Catalyst 3560/3750
    product portfolio.  In addition, the new Catalyst 3560/3750-X Series features
    the industry’s first standards-based 802.1a/e (MACsec) implementations, which
    provide protection of sensitive data from eavesdropping and theft through
    advanced encryption between the switch and the client.
  • Medianet – Medianet solutions enable businesses to take advantage
    of video applications to transform workforce interactions. Medianet technology
    enables the detection and optimization of video and video endpoints, as well as
    the allocation and prioritization of network resources so that video can be
    delivered from one type of device, such as a Cisco TelePresence unit, to another type, such as a
    laptop or mobile phone.  Medianet 1.0 is now supported on the new Catalyst fixed
    switches and Cisco ISR G2 routers.

New Fixed-Switching Product Highlights:

  • Cisco Catalyst 3750-X and 3560-X: The flagship of
    the Cisco fixed-switching portfolio, these enterprise-class stackable and
    standalone switches deliver high-performance switching with 10 gigabit Ethernet,
    full PoE+ on all ports and a flexible smart uplink module.  In addition to
    StackWise Plus, which provides high availability to the data path, Cisco today
    introduced Cisco StackPower, an
    industry-first, power-interconnect technology that brings unprecedented power
    resiliency to a stack of Catalyst 3750-X Series switches. With Cisco
    StackPower, the power supplies in a stack of up to four switches can be shared
    as a common resource among all the switches. In the event of power supply
    failures, power is maintained for business-critical applications while shedding
    power for lower-priority devices as defined by the user.  A single 1100-watt
    power supply can provide power to four switches and the mission-critical end
    points attached to them, helping to ensure business continuity.  The Catalyst
    3750-X and 3560-X Series switches also ship with Cisco Smart Operations a set of
    tools and capabilities allowing for zero-touch deployment and installation in a
    borderless network.
  • Cisco Catalyst 2960-S:  With the introduction of
    the Cisco Catalyst 2960-S Series Switch, Cisco
    delivers more access options and performance than ever before, with solutions
    packaged and priced to meet diverse customer scalability, resilience, and
    security needs. The Catalyst 2960-S delivers FlexStack stacking for increased
    availability and performance, 10GE uplinks, full PoE on every port plus support
    for PoE+, and the full Cisco EnergyWise capabilities.  Additionally, the 2960-S
    platform has been highly optimized, resulting in as much as 50 percent savings
    in power. This full-featured switch brings mainstream capabilities for today’s
    businesses at a highly attractive price point. 

New Routing Product Highlights:

  • Cisco Integrated Services Router G2 3900
    : Introduced in October 2009, the Cisco ISR G2 is the next-generation
    portfolio of enterprise routers designed to better enable rich-media
    applications, service virtualization and energy efficiency, all with
    industry-leading security.  Today, Cisco announced it has tripled the
    performance of the ISR G2 router line and extended the delivery of
    high-performance video applications, service integration and cost savings to
    remote businesses.
  • Cisco ASR 1000 Series Aggregation Services Routers
    Software Release 6
    :  Building on the award-winning capabilities of the
    quantum-flow ASIC, the latest release for the ASR-1000 family of routers delivers new
    security, unified communications, and management capabilities to enable
    customers to deliver borderless services over the WAN. Additionally, the ASR
    1000 Series now includes the Smart Call Home feature, which increases platform

Additional Information:

  • Cisco enhanced limited lifetime hardware
    .  The Cisco Catalyst 2960-S, 3560-X and 3750-X Series switches come
    with a new warranty which provides next-business-day hardware replacement where
    available and 90 days of Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC) support. 
  • Dramatic power savings. Select new Cisco
    switching platforms consume as much as 50 percent less power than previous
    generations, resulting in gigabit performance that consumes less power than
    older 100-megabit technology.
  • Ease of operations through resiliency and
    .  Operational excellence means nonstop business. From
    self-preserving resiliency to flexibility with Cisco StackPower and StackWise
    technologies, to in-service software upgrades, Cisco enables higher availability
    and business productivity by reducing network downtime while providing
    scalability when needed.
  • Channel partner acceleration. Cisco has tailored
    channel partner initiatives to help partners grow their businesses with
    architecture-led selling. The new, enhanced network services – Cisco Trustsec,
    medianet solutions, and Cisco EnergyWise – and the platforms that deliver them,
    enable Cisco channel partners to be more competitive and offer innovations
    unmatched by other vendors. These new solutions are being integrated into
    Cisco’s industry-leading partner incentive programs.
  • New Professional Services. Cisco today launched a
    suite of services to help customers realize the full
    value of the Borderless Networks Architecture. Among those services announced
    today are Cisco Network Architecture Discovery; Assessment; and Planning and
    Design Services which help customers speed architectural planning and design.
    Also announced are Cisco TrustSec Readiness and Deployment Service, which helps
    customers adapt a Cisco TrustSec solution to their networks for greater
    security; Cisco Services for Energy Management, which help reduce energy costs
    and enable customers to get the most from the Cisco EnergyWise architecture; and
    Cisco Medianet Readiness Service, which prepares the network environment to
    support the successful implementation of rich-media applications. Also announced
    today are enhanced security and wireless LAN capabilities in the Cisco Network
    Optimization Service.
  • Webcast.  Cisco will host live events to support
    this announcement in the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific with featured
    speakers including John Chambers, CEO and chief executive officer.

Supporting Quotes:


  • Rob Soderbery, senior vice president and general
    manager, Cisco Ethernet Switching Technology Group

    "Communications, collaboration and entertainment are
    fast becoming digitized and connected, and this trend is not only loading
    networks but also changing them. Cisco’s core networking business, including the
    Catalyst 2000 and 3000 families, is at the heart of this change. Switching and
    routing are the foundation for innovation that will bring the next generation of
    the Internet to life. Cisco’s strategy is to deliver greater value within its
    core networking offerings and, in turn, provide customers with a more cohesive,
    architecturally sound IT infrastructure to support the new Internet."

  • Danny Bowman, president of Integrated Solutions

    "Sprint shares Cisco’s vision of the borderless
    network architecture and is collaborating with Cisco to offer integrated
    wireless and wireline communications solutions to businesses and government
    agencies. Sprint’s converged Wireless WAN and wireline Internet Protocol
    solutions powered by a Cisco IP core network enable ubiquitous access to
    applications from anywhere, anytime and the ability to quickly respond to
    changing business needs."

  • Henri Huy, head of data center studies, EDF Group, a
    leading electricity producer in Europe

    "We turned to Cisco because we needed a trusted
    partner who would be with us for the long-term and would help us build the
    highly secure, flexible infrastructure to support our business as needs change.
    The new Catalyst 3750-X switches will be a key part of that new infrastructure
    to help us support video and conserve energy well into the future."

  • Adrian Ross, chief information officer, Zurich

    "Zurich Airport has consistently been recognized as
    one of the top airports in Europe, and our end-to-end Cisco network is one of
    the keys to that success. Partnering with Cisco has allowed us to achieve
    business innovations including wireless access for passengers, partners and
    aircraft maintenance. Our product testing confirmed that the new Catalyst 2960-S
    switches will reduce power consumption by 50 percent, which will help lower our
    capital and operating expenses while allowing us to deliver network services
    that will enable us to reach new heights in customer service. That’s why we were
    among the first to order the new gear."

  • Tom Ogg, director of information technology, Oakwood

    "One million people in 35 communities depend upon
    Oakwood Healthcare, so there’s a lot riding on our network. As our doctors keep
    pushing the envelope to deliver state-of-the-art care, my infrastructure team
    will keep pushing the envelope on network reliability and performance. We value
    our relationship with Cisco, we’re impressed by Cisco’s innovations in the new
    Catalyst 3750-X switches, and we look to Cisco to continue to innovate as we
    build out our medical-grade network."

  • Dave Kaercher, senior vice president—U.S. Bank
    Network Services

    "As part of our network lifecycle plans, we are
    refreshing our entire branch network using the Cisco ISR G2 Series Routers. The
    ISR G2 also offers U.S. Bank the possibility to deploy security and video as an
    integrated solution. Through Cisco we have a single, reliable vendor that can
    facilitate maintenance, training and product support not just during
    implementation but throughout the product lifespan."


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