A DLC for Just Cause 2 in development

The DLC has become commonplace with the arrival of next-gen consoles, a boon for studios.

Yet extensive and complete, the universe proposed by Just Cause 2 will benefit even when a heavy campaign DLC. In any case, this assertion Peter Johansson, lead game designer of the game responsible for these statements did not want to say more on the subject to give free rein to the imagination of players.

It only clarified that additional content will increase the opportunities for play and at the same time to make the concept more attractive and enjoyment. It is vague, very vague even. Hard to blame Peter Johansson who deals with a game still available worldwide. The tongue was released after the title available.

Yet another video made its appearance on the canvas and reveals an additional cascade. The Grapple is again invoked in this acrobatic which requires much patience and precision. It takes imagination to dare to use a tuk-tuk (motorized tricycle Thailand) as an explosive projectile.

Release date scheduled for March 26 next PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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