In Win announced Android Chassis

Inspired by the science-fiction artificial human-like machine, Android is unique and versatile new member of In Win’s crew. Android’s metallic alike front panel design shows its fantastic science-fiction concept as well as its outstanding features. The rigid metal body is accompanied by a delicate internal design, synthesizing a high-tech design with efficiency and style. Bottom mount PSU placement and interior coat of dark metallic paint do not only provide the superior thermal solution but also protects the chassis against humidity and corrosion. Android provides the most joyful computer chassis experience with the most desired features for every gamer.

In Win: Android Chassis

Artificial Intelligence
Astonishing mix of practicality and futuristic design, the Android utilizes the latest in technology to give a sense of a new revolution of Artificial Intelligence in chassis innovation.

Excellent Thermal Solution
With up to six front/side/top 12cm fans enhancing airflow and one 22cm super-sized LED anti-vibration fan, the Android offers an unparalleled thermal solution for gaming systems. A 22cm LED fan switch is provided for more users’ convenience.

Tool-Free Structure Design
An easily dismantled external drive bay design offers quick assembly for ODD, FDD, and HDD drive bays. Nine tool-free drive bays and seven expansion slots highlight the easy installation features of this chassis.

Expansion Capability
Satisfying even the highest appetites of the gamers’ needs, the Android provides users with extreme, yet flexible expansion capabilities. Equipped with five 5.25” and four 3.5” drive bays, the chassis provides an additional bracket to convert three 5.25” into three 3.5” drive bays, and also a converter for one 3.5” to a 2.5”drive bay.

Anti-Dust Filter
Mesh filters on the front and side panel, as well as top and bottom cover help to filter air for a massive thermal solution. Dust is effectively minimized in order to extend computer peripherals life cycle.


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