Google Chrome version 4.1 released

Google brings online a new stable version 4.1 of its Web browser Google Chrome. Machine translation and more control for confidentiality.

It was expected and we already mentioned in our columns. For Windows users, Google offers a new stable version of Google Chrome stamped 4.1.

This milling offers native integration of machine translation instantly. No plugin or extension to add, this automatic translation covers 52 languages. In practice, when a user views a Web page that is not in the default language in your browser options, a dedicated bar appears below the address bar. Via the latter, the user can choose its translation into another language which occurs in only a few seconds.

Machine translation course obeys the law of its kind with a result sometimes tinged with curiosity. If the user does not wish to be harassed by the translation bar, he may decide in the options to disable the translation for a given language.

The 4.1 version of Google Chrome also offers new privacy settings (advanced) to better manage cookies, pop-ups, but also plugins images and JavaScript. By default, all sites are allowed to execute JavaScript code, but the user can decide to not allow any or establish exceptions to safe sites. Similarly for the other elements.

As reported recently, Google has made a change in its technology upgrade. Thus, Google Update no longer generates a unique identifier for each facility:

"A new approach to our Google Update technology allows us to remove the unique ID Google Update while preserving our ability to determine the number of active users and keep all the way up to date with the latest security updates and improvements Performance ", Says Google.


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