Centrifuge Releases New Data Visualization Software

Centrifuge Systems, Inc.,
a leading provider of next generation business intelligence software,
today announced the availability of Centrifuge 1.8, the latest version
of its groundbreaking data visualization technology.

The Centrifuge approach to data visualization brings together
three innovations in analysis: Interactive Data Visualization, Unified
Data Views and Collaborative Analysis to identify important insights and
hidden patterns in your data. Widely used by US Government agencies in
some of the most demanding applications in the world including cyber
security, financial crimes, homeland defense and counter-terrorism,
Interactive Analytics is gaining recognition in other industries
where companies are looking to extract insights from many data sources

The Centrifuge approach to data visualization allows analysts
to navigate from one visualization to another. Analysts "shift their
lens" and pose questions by interacting directly with the pictures
including various forms of charts, relationship graphs, time lines,
maps, tables and geospatial visualizations.

Centrifuge 1.8 includes several significant enhancements in
the area of interactive data visualization. Within charting, users can
create drill charts that include many categories and measures. They can
drill down to see deeper segmentation of the data. Bubble charting has
also been added. Users can interact with the displays to filter the
data, create new data fields and spin-off data as they uncover insights
hidden in the data. One of the most powerful functions in this new
release is the ability to integrate data on demand. Users can easily
connect to any number of new data sources, join these sources together
and expand the visualizations. In the past, this level of data
integration required complex programming and long cycle times.
Centrifuge has now put powerful data integration into the hands of the
analyst. New country and world maps have also been added as well as a
geospatial time player allowing users to map data elements by time.

"Organizations continue to deal with data explosion today.
With this new release, we deliver a groundbreaking approach to data
integration. The ability to bring together data from disparate sources
such as enterprise databases, web services and excel files has never
been easier," explains Guljit Khurana, CEO of Centrifuge. "We have also
continued to expand our rich visualizations in the areas of timelines,
geospatial and charting all within a 100% browser environment."

End users can use the application through a standard web
browser. No client software installation is required.


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