ActiveTrak Will Unveil GadgetTrak Mobile Security software for Android at CTIA WIRELESS 2010

ActiveTrak Inc., a leader in advanced theft recovery software for consumer and business devices, will be unveiling its new GadgetTrak Mobile Security software for Android at the upcoming International CTIA WIRELESS 2010 show, March 23-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. GadgetTrak Mobile Security provides the most advanced data protection and theft recovery solutions for smartphones, enabling control of user devices and data in the event of theft.

The new Android Edition allows users to track devices when they are lost or stolen, as well as ensure that data is protected by enabling remote data wipe and scheduled data backup of critical information. The new Android software works on both GSM and CDMA networks worldwide. The software is easily installed and administered from a simple web-based control panel. If a smartphone running GadgetTrak Mobile Security Android Edition is lost or stolen, the user logs into their account and activates features to track and remotely wipe data, as well as download backed up data.

"Today’s smartphones are more than just tools for communicating and running applications, they store vital personal information and/or corporate data that often times is more valuable than the device hardware itself," said ActiveTrak’s founder and CEO Ken Westin. "The ability to track these phones and keep data safe is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. Our software offers the most advanced and cost-effective solution for consumers and businesses looking to easily protect and recover smartphones. The new Android release further expands our capabilities and shows our commitment to customers and the marketplace."

ActiveTrak’s new mobile software uses a combination of methods to determine the smartphone location, including GPS. If GPS is not available – for example if the device is indoors or in a dense urban environment – the software will use Wi-Fi positioning or cell tower triangulation, making it the most advanced positioning technology available for mobile devices today. If the smartphone is simply lost, the software has the ability to trigger a remote ping that initiates a loud noise from the smartphone – even if it is in silent mode.

Subscribers can schedule daily or weekly backups of data. GadgetTrak Mobile Security also offers notification of SIM card changes, device lock and signal alarm, tamper proof measures, remote messaging to devices, remote call back and more (device applicability may vary).

Furthermore, GadgetTrak Mobile Security is not just designed for consumers. Organizations and businesses of all sizes use ActiveTrak’s software to protect and recover smartphone inventory. With a robust control panel that allows administrators to manage devices and data easily, it offers the industry’s most compelling and effective anti-theft and recovery solution on the market today.


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