Astute Networks Caspian Edge Storage Blades Support

Astute Networks, Inc., a leading provider of bladed storage solutions
optimized for the most demanding applications on the edge of the
network, today announced support for the Seagate Savvio 600GB 10K RPM
SAS disk drives. The high-capacity 2.5-inch form factor of the Savvio
drives expands the capacity of Astute Networks’ Caspian Edge Storage
blades to as much as 3.6 terabytes of capacity per Advanced
Telecommunications Computing Architecture slot. Astute Networks
is the first ATCA storage supplier to announce availability of the 600GB
capacity drives in its systems.

Customers in the telecommunications and defense industries
require high-availability storage solutions that are designed for
mission-critical applications. In addition to functionality, these
solutions must operate under extreme conditions, consume minimal power,
occupy a minimal footprint and support a wide range of ATCA
configurations. Astute Networks’ Caspian Edge Storage Blade platform is
the industry’s first 10Gb ATCA iSCSI storage blade which provides a
foundation for high-performance, sharable, scalable storage capacity.

With the advent of high-capacity 2.5-inch disk drives like the
Seagate Savvio 600GB SAS drives, users can implement extremely
high-capacity ATCA configurations without sacrificing performance. The
Caspian storage solution can accommodate as many as six drives per ATCA
slot, resulting in up to 3.6TB of usable
capacity. Caspian is also NEBS (Network Equipment Building System) and
Mil-Spec certified for added data protection in demanding operating

"Astute Networks has responded to its customers’
ever-increasing need for capacity and performance with the addition of
the Seagate Savvio 600GB SAS drives to its product line," said Keith
Klarer, vice president of hardware engineering, Astute Networks. "The
powerful and compact architecture of the 2.5-inch Savvio drives enables
us to deliver rack mount storage capacity with all the benefits of ATCA
such as deployment simplicity, power and space savings in an open
standards architecture. In addition, Caspian’s patent-pending,
proprietary thermal cooling design ensures operational reliability for
high performance media."

"Customers continue to make the transition from 3.5-inch
drives to the 2.5-inch form factor to save on space, weight and power
consumption," said Henry Fabian, executive director of product
marketing, Seagate Technology. "The Savvio 10K.4 hard drive is the
world’s first 2.5-inch 10K RPM enterprise drive to deliver 600GB of
capacity while at the same time delivering 50 percent improvement in
power efficiency over traditional 3.5-inch drives and a 20 percent
increase in reliability."


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