Adjustable Word Weights Added in Version 2.2 of Hot Neuron’s Clustify

Hot Neuron LLC announces the release of version 2.2 of its
Clustify document clustering software, featuring user-adjustable
word weights and other improvements.

Clustify groups related documents into clusters and labels
each cluster with a few words to tell what it is about, allowing the
user to explore the document set, and efficiently and consistently
categorize documents. Version 2.2 gives users the ability to adjust the
weighting of words used for clustering in order to encourage clusters
to form around words that are of special interest. The new version also
features an improved near-duplicate detection algorithm, more flexible
export of results to other e-discovery tools, and more useful cluster

Clustify can generate concept-based clusters, or it can
require documents in the same cluster to contain identical passages of
text in order to detect near-duplicates (i.e. different revisions of the
same document). It also has an automatic categorization capability to
reduce the amount of manual labor necessary for categorization when new
documents are added to a dataset. It can handle millions of documents
on a typical desktop computer.


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